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What’s your take on this trucker’s merge maneuver caught on dash cam?


A truck driver’s … assertive … merge maneuver was caught on dash cam and has gone viral. While some are calling the trucker reckless, others are saying that he simply did what he needed to do to get where he needed to go. What’s your take?

The video, entitled, “Big Rig Merges His Way” was uploaded by YouTube user California Roadcam on June 13, 2018.

After viewing the dash cam clip, viewers had mixed reactions.

Bad Drivers of the Sacramento Area wrote, “I would definitely show this to the company. Speeding and reckless driving. He’s a danger to everyone, including himself if he doesn’t slow down.”

Bad Drivers of North Central Maryland echoed this sentiment: “Yeah, he’s someone that probably shouldn’t have a CDL.”

Wind Dashcam, however, argued that the trucker was just getting his job done: “Well when you drive something that large, sometimes you gotta get creative and assert yourself in!”

User Michael Smith agrees: “I’m sure he was tired of waiting for em all to learn how to use a ramp properly and just sent it. Not to mention cars tend to fail on a proper zipper merge as well.”

What do you think? Leave your two cents in the comments!


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