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Florida police are investigating a dump truck crash that left a commercial vehicle driver with serious injuries on Thursday.
Construction on a new truck stop in Texas began earlier this week Work on the new Chisum Travel Center began on July 8th, and is expected to last through July 31st, 2025.  The truck stop will be located...

Historic “super load” weighing almost 1 million pounds passes through Washington

The Washington State Patrol says that the heaviest load ever to pass through the state will be on the move tonight.

VIDEO: “685,000 lbs on the Move”

Get a good look at how Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging moved a massive transformer!

VIDEO: Truck with oversized load clobbers Houston overpasses

A motorist's dash cam captured the moment that an oversized load slammed into two I-10 overpasses in Houston, Texas.

Infamous 100th Street Bridge took a hit from driver who didn’t measure his load height

The notorious 100th Street Bridge in Byron Township, Michigan, was hit this morning by a truck driver hauling a modular home.

Delaware police: Who left a house in the middle of the road?

Police in Dover, Delaware have quite a mystery on their hands after they discovered a house abandoned on a two lane road.

VIDEO: Dumb driver pays the price for trying to pass oversized load on the shoulder

Caught on camera -- a car driver pays the price for his own impatience and lack of respect for a truck driver hauling an oversized load.

VIDEO: How could this #truckingfail have been avoided?

If you could have five minutes with this truck driver before he started this haul, what advice would you have given him?

Trucker cited for oversized load crash in downtown Nashville

Tennessee authorities say that they have issued citations to trucker responsible for wedging an oversized load under a bridge in downtown Nashville last week.

I-40 in downtown Nashville shutdown for oversized load wedged under overpass

Tennessee transportation officials say that a stretch of I-40 eastbound will be closed until about midnight after a truck hauling a piece of Caterpillar equipment became wedged under an overpass in downtown Nashville.

Trucking company blames customer for nearly $2 million bridge strike

An Alaska-based trucking company is pinning the blame for a costly bridge strike that happened last week on their customer's failure to load an...

PHOTO: Trucker’s tight squeeze

The Nevada Department of Transportation has shared an unreal looking image of an oversized load (barely) squeezing through a tight tunnel. From Nevada DOT: "Tight squeeze! This...

One hurt after oversized load rips toll booth from foundation

A West Virginia Turnpike toll booth operator was injured this afternoon when a truck carrying an oversized load used the wrong toll lane, ripping...

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