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A van driver manages to get into two separate crashes in less than ten seconds, and a trucker's dash cam was rolling to capture the whole bizarre incident.
Thieves in Philadelphia made off with a load of beef early on Tuesday morning.  The crime happened on Tuesday morning, July 16th at around 4:50 a.m. as the commercial vehicle was parked at 63rd Street near Eastwick...

Georgia Truck Driver Involved in Terrifying Road Rage Encounter

A terrifying road rage encounter was captured on cell phone video. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon on Interstate 91 in Miami Gardens. ...

Pennsylvania lawmaker introduces bill to ban loaded firearms in vehicles

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to cut down on road rage by banning drivers from carrying loaded weapons in their vehicles.

VIDEO: Truck on truck brake check causes serious multi-vehicle crash

In this dash cam video, you can see a semi truck come to a complete stop in front of another truck on the interstate, causing a major crash.

VIDEO: Cut off truck driver appears to get revenge on four wheeler

Watch as a truck driver appears to take matters into his own hands after he is cut off by a car. The incident happened on...

Trucker Plays Cat and Mouse With ‘Gun Wielding’ 4-Wheeler In Arizona

A road rage incident between a truck and a car were caught on dash camera in Arizona. The road rage incident occurred during rush hour...

VIDEO: Four wheelers play bumper cars on the interstate

A couple of car drivers decide to take out their road rage frustrations in a way that'll probably end in a trip to the body shop.

VIDEO: Log truck driver kicks the heck out of another driver’s truck

A road rage incident begins when a log truck driver passes another trucker on double yellows and ends with a failed attempt to kick out the dash cammer's lights.

Woman with the worst case of road rage we’ve ever seen rampages against a bus driver

Washington D.C. police have shared incredible video of a female motorist's road rage attack against a bus driver.

FedEx Ground investigating viral video of suspected road rage

FedEx Ground says that they are looking into the circumstances behind a viral video that appears to show one of their trucks running a minivan off the road.

Truck driver arrested for smashing motorist’s head with a hammer

A truck driver has been arrested for allegedly hitting a motorist in the head with a hammer in a fit of road rage after a collision.

Motorcyclist tried to brake check a semi truck, wound up pinned underneath truck’s tires

Pennsylvania police say that road rage is to blame for a truck vs. motorcycle crash that left one man severely injured yesterday.

VIDEO: Infuriating car driver cuts off truck, then gets out to confront trucker

A motorist makes a dangerous and discourteous move in a construction zone, then exits his car to argue with the truck driver he just cut off.

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