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VIDEO: Semi Goes Spinning Off Icy I-20

A semi hits an icy patch and spins 180 degrees, ending up in the ditch. Video Credit: Russell Robinson

Avalanche Hits Semi, Shuts Down I-70 Over Vail Pass

An early morning avalanche has forced the closure of I-70 in both directions over Vail Pass in Colorado. The avalanche happened just before 3 a.m. at...

VIDEO: Passing A Semi On A Wet Bridge Was Almost The Last Thing He Ever Did

Kudos to the cammer for avoiding the crash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB9rc2oVvB8 Video Credit: Maui Cycles

VIDEO: Semi Ditch Save

After swerving off the road into the ditch, a truck driver manages to get his rig back on the road without crashing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG7muUvRaZY Video Credit: Motovader72

Suspected Truck Thief Caught With His Pants Down

A man suspected of stealing a semi was apprehended in part because he couldn't keep his pants up at an Ohio Burger King. A woman said...

Motorist Injured By Ice Chunk From Semi

The Minnesota State Patrol has issued a warning to drivers to clear snow and ice from their vehicles after a motorist was injured by...

VIDEO: Semi Ice Missile Shatters Car Windshield

A chunk of frozen snow suddenly falls off of a semi's trailer and smashes into a passing car's windshield. Video Credit: Viral Video

VIDEO: Amazon Debuts Semi Designed To Haul Data

Take a look at the Amazon Snowmobile, designed to haul massive amounts of data to the cloud. https://youtu.be/LUhDm4Fio_o Video Credit: Amazon Web Services

VIDEO: Pickup Pulls Out In Front Of Semi Going Down Steep Hill

From the video description: "A pickup pulls directly into a semi truck's lane from an onramp going down a steep hill on I-44 in...

Motorist Killed After Crashing Into Truck That Ran Out Of Fuel On I-77

A possibly distracted motorist rear ended a truck that ran out of fuel on North Carolina's I-77 this morning, causing a fatal crash. The crash...

VIDEO: How Not To Tow A Semi

At the TA truck stop in Southington, Connecticut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSeXhBVl_P0 TA has released a statement regarding the video. It says, "With more than 243 locations coast to coast, TA...

VIDEO: Out Of Line Four Wheeler Blocks In Semi

A road raging pickup truck driver who believes he has the right of way blocks the path of a trucker as he tries to...

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