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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provided guidance for truckers with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) affected by the Microsoft outage.
California police arrested a truck driver following a truck fire and explosion in Tracy on Wednesday.

VIDEO: That’s not actually how you U-haul…

A motorist pulling a U-haul trailer seems to be confused about how the whole process works.

VIDEO: Trailer goes rogue

A concerned motorist spots a trailer that has decided it doesn't need a truck to get where it's going

“Parked” USPS trailer spotted on congested I-75/85 in Atlanta

An image of a stranded United States Postal Service trailer captured on the Downtown Connector in Atlanta has gone viral on social media this week, leaving many users wondering if it is legitimate.

Trucker could face up to 20 years for refusing to return trailer

An owner-operator who was contracted by an oilfield rental equipment company is facing felony charges for allegedly refusing to return equipment until he was...

VIDEO: Container surprise!

A turning truck hauling a container gives the dash cammer a major jolt. This video was uploaded to Youtube by Steve Fredette on February 19 and captioned...

Trucker killed on I-94 after colliding with detached trailer

A truck driver lost his life on I-94 in LaPorte County, Indiana, today when he crashed into a detached trailer on the interstate. The crash happened...

Two hurt in explosion at UPS Freight

Two workers were injured this morning by an explosion that occurred inside a trailer at a UPS Freight facility in Rock Island, Illinois. Early Morning...

VIDEO: Camper Wiggles And Wobbles And Pickup Truck Falls Down

A pickup driver can't get his camper back under control after it starts to fishtail.  

Man Killed After Father Tries To Load Box Truck Onto Trailer With Pickup

A Tennessee man lost his life yesterday as he and his father attempted to load a broken down box truck onto a trailer. The incident happened...

VIDEO: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In which a rather unique method of unloading a car off a trailer is tested.

VIDEO: Who Needs A Semi When You Have A Dodge Ram?

Caught on camera in Seattle -- a Dodge Ram pickup doing the work of a semi truck. *Note: CDLLife does not agree with or condone...

VIDEO: FedEx Yard Spotter Runs Afoul Of Poles

A FedEx yard spotter finds himself in an tricky situation.

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