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Truck Drivers Fight Toll Hikes in Virginia

In response to a governor's quick revenue generating plan involving truck tolls, truck drivers united and responded with political action against what they see as unfair fees on their industry. Read more about how you can join the fight.

Trucking Groups Join Forces To Block The Instillation Of I-95 Tolls

Trucking groups have partnered to block the instillation of tolls along Interstate 95 in Virginia. Join the crusade.

Stop Human Trafficking: Fight Intensifies in Virginia

Virginia lawmakers are putting new tools into law to help students, officers and truck drivers fight the growing problem of human trafficking. Do you know how to help? Find out inside.

Jobs for Troops: Trucks Offer Gainful Employment in Virginia

The Virginia DMV in partnership with the ATA have begun an effort to find returning veterans work within the trucking industry. Find out if you're eligible.

Teacher Fires Blanks at Students’ Heads Execution-Style

High school students have been known to drive their teachers crazy, but what would provoke a teacher to do this?

Truckers May Face New Tolls in North Carolina

North Carolina is the latest state pondering what kind of balance to strike between budget shortfalls and highway tolls.

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