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Power Inverter Review CDL Life

Power Inverters Truck Drivers Can Use

Power inverters allow truck drivers to use computers, DVD players and cooking appliances on the road. Which one do you need?

Home Security & Surveillance for Truckers

New home security systems make it easy for long haul truckers to keep watch over their home and family. It doesn't cost as much as you might think!

Wind Energy Won’t Move Forward without Truckers

Between 2000 and 2010, the total number of kilowatt hours produced by wind energy in the US rose more than 1483%. These incredible numbers may stall if trucker needs aren't met.
Satellite Radio Programs reviewed by CDL Life

Audio Programs: What Should Go in Your Truck?

Days on the road can be long and boring if you drive by yourself. What are the best free and subscription based audio services you can get to pass the time?
CDL Life reviews Android Apps for Truckers

Trucker Apps: Top 5 Paid Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

Trucker apps for Android: reviews, features and download links. Explore the CDL Life archives for more about Android and iPhone apps for truck drivers.

Trucker Apps: Top 5 Free Android Apps for Truck Drivers

Check out these 5 android applications that we think every trucker should have, especially because they don't cost you a dime.
Apps written on a HDTV screen

Trucker Apps for Video: Free and Paid

Trucker apps for video can help you relax and keep you on top of the latest movies and shows. We've got many more app reviews including iPhone and Android.
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