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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Truck Parking

Report: Lack of truck parking is causing ‘death and injury’

A Cincinnati news station recently shared a report detailing how dangerous the lack of safe truck parking really is -- both for truck drivers and for the public at large.
Florida Kenworth

Former trucker with dementia gets to relive big rig memories

A Florida Kenworth dealer helped a former truck driver suffering from dementia to relive his days behind the wheel.
Black Ice

Dash cam clip shows how fast black ice can ruin your day

A truck driver encounters a surprise patch of black ice in this dash cam video.

WATCH: A useful tarp trick for all you rookie flatbedders out there

A lady flatbedder has taken to Tik Tok to show off her skills, and you won’t wanna miss this useful tarp trick.  The trucker, known as femaleflatbedder on Tik...

A car gets taken for a wild ride in eye-popping video

Video reportedly captured in Brooklyn, New York, shows a semi truck pushing a passenger vehicle sideways down the road before coming to a stop.

VIDEO: Pickup driver frees semi truck stuck in snow

A Good Samaritan in a powerful pickup comes to the rescue of a truck driver stuck in snow on a Colorado roadway.
Wyoming Highway Patrol Cruiser Pancaked By Big Rig

Here are seven of the scariest truck blowover videos we’ve ever seen

This has been a wild week for wind, so we thought we'd take a look back at a few of the most terrifying times that semi truck blowovers were caught on camera....

This truck driver’s U-Turn maneuver earned him 6 months in jail

Video featuring an English truck driver's dangerous driving has gone viral worldwide this week after it was shared by Staffordshire Police.

VIDEO: Late-night parking situation proves they just don’t train ‘em like they used to

A sleeping trucker is awakened by another driver’s poor parking in this embarrassing dash cam clip.  CDLLife App user and truck driver, Tiffany A., posted this video captured by...

FedEx driver sprinkles a little holiday cheer on your special delivery

As the holiday season approaches, many are preparing to set the table and stuff the turkey; but one FedEx delivery driver is skipping right to the Christmas cheer, and he has the...

This revamped truck might just inspire your own spring cleaning

This trucker's video of her spruced up big rig might just be the inspiration you need to update your own vehicle this spring. Niesha K posted a vlog...
Runaway FedEx

Driver gets great workout while chasing runaway truck

A truck driver who reportedly failed to set his parking brake sprints to catch up with his runaway truck.

VIDEO: Motorist fails to see a bright red Freightliner with the right-of-way

A motorist apparently failed to see a bright red semi truck going full speed on a major roadway in this shocking clip.  In the dash cam video, the driver...

VIDEO: Van driver dodges after blown tire sends semi careening into oncoming traffic

A dash cam captured the terrifying moment that a sudden tire blowout sent a semi veering though the median into oncoming traffic and then into a wooded area.

VIDEO: Trucker trades sleep for a more interesting pastime

A truck driver is feeling himself and living life in this brief truck stop clip. In the video, a driver can be seen attempting skateboard tricks in an empty...
Chevy Sudden Swerve

Chevy’s sudden swerve ruins trucker’s day

A trucker's day gets a lot rougher when a Chevy driver abruptly loses all control of his vehicle in a crash caught on dash cam.
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