VIDEO: Dash cammer narrowly avoids being squashed like a pancake

Dash cam video shows a car almost squashed by tractor trailer after the rig loses it on a narrow, curved roadway.  In the clip, a...

Video shows truck taking down a Arkansas interstate highway sign

Video captured on Thursday shows a truck taking down a Arkansas interstate highway sign.

WATCH: Trucker “just started running” at first sign of explosion at Texas chemical plant

An explosion at Texas chemical plant left a trucker and multiple employees scared and running for their lives, the driver says.  Truck driver Francisco Arreola...

Police share footage of SUV’s egregious turn in front of semi truck

A trucker’s dash cam footage shows an SUV’s egregious turn in front of a semi truck that nearly caused a collision at 70 mph.  The...

News station crew happens to catch video of a semi scraping under Tonawanda bridge

A local news outlet doing a story on a new campaign to stop bridge strikes in New York State happened to catch video of a semi crashing into a Tonawanda bridge.

VIDEO: Motorist flags down big rig driver to stop bridge strike

Watch as a motorist goes above and beyond to flag down a big rig driver who is headed for an embarrassing and costly bridge strike.

New dash cam video shows runaway gravel truck plowing into vehicles and car dealership in Tooele

A new dash cam video provides a stunning look at a runaway gravel truck crash involving dozens of vehicles that occurred in Tooele, Utah, on Friday afternoon.

VIDEO: Forklift operator outsmarts would-be thief

Police body cam captured the moment that auto yard workers in Akron, Ohio, used a forklift to detain a would-be car thief.

32 vehicles struck by runaway gravel truck in fiery crash at Utah car dealership

Nearly a dozen people were hurt on Friday when a gravel truck reportedly lost its brakes and crashed into an auto dealership in Tooele,...

Truck driver arrested following high-speed police chase through Houston

A truck driver is facing felony charges following a high-speed police chase lasting more than two hours, according to police in Texas.

‘TQL Pay Me My $8000’ trucker speaks out, says he was partially paid, has received death threats

The owner-operator who showed up at TQL headquarters this week with a spray painted trailer demanding payment has spoken out to share his side of the complex and high-profile story.

Texas restaurant has semi truck- friendly drive thru and truck parking availability

Not very many restaurants offer truckers a drive thru option, but a specialty iced tea shop located in Childress, Texas, offers not only that but also truck parking availability.

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