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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

80 Truck Convoy

More than 80 trucks convoy for trucker battling cancer

Dozens of trucks convoy past the home of a trucker fighting cancer in this heart-breaking video.
I-80 Pileup

Trucker becomes part of 24 vehicle pileup in terrifying video

A trucker involved in a snowy pileup on Wyoming I-80 last week shared bone-chilling video of the crash.
Wrong Side of the Guardrail

Trucker takes a scary side trip through the ditch

A truck driver suddenly loses control of his rig and finds himself going off-roading in this dash cam clip.
Trucker Predicts Pileup

Trucker predicts pileup before it happens in dash cam video

A trucker can tell that nothing good will come from a bunch of tailgating four-wheelers in this dash cam clip.
Bald Eagle

Big rig hits bald eagle at 50 MPH in dash cam video

A truck driver shared dash cam video of an unusual wildlife strike on a Connecticut roadway.
Load Shift

Load shift topples truck on West VA Turnpike

A Facebook user shared shocking video of a serious truck crash on the Virginia Turnpike.

Red & Chrome: Trucker represents Chiefs Kingdom with custom semi ‘Warpaint’

CDLLife recently caught up with a Missouri-based truck driver who wears his Arrowhead Pride all over his custom Kenworth semi truck nicknamed "Warpaint."
Trucker 411

Trucker 411: New Zealand owner-operator lives his American trucking dream

Lots of drivers from around the world dream of marking the move to trucking in the U.S.A. -- so we got the inside scoop from an owner-operator who did just that.
Truck Spills Tires

Truck spills tires on Texas freeway

A driver captured video of a situation that could en-tire-ly mess up a truck driver's day.
Tesla Car Hauler

Tesla driver rear ends car hauler, blames Autopilot

A Tesla owner shared dash cam video of a collision with a truck that he said was the fault of the car's Autopilot system.
2 Log Trucks

White-knuckle close call with two log trucks caught on dash cam

A dash cammer shared a "Final Destination" moment involving two logging trucks that could have easily ended in a fatal crash.
Iowa I-80

Delivery truck driver’s dash cam captures shocking video on Iowa’s I-80

The Iowa State Patrol released unbelievable dash cam video as a reminder to drivers to slow down in winter weather conditions.
Trucker Cat

Trucker’s kitty co-pilot featured in sweet video

A trucker shows what life is life over the road with a cat companion in a new video from animal site The Dodo.
Maine Sate Police Video

Semi slides across three lanes, narrowly misses car, in dramatic dash cam video

Maine State Police released dash cam video of a semi truck crash as a warning to drivers to slow down in bad weather.

Truck pushes car sideways then smashes it into rail in wild video

Canadian authorities are investigating after seeing video of a truck pushing a car down a highway.

Driver finds himself in a clustertruck in heart-stopping dash cam video

A trucker's dash cam captured an incredible close call that he's unlikely to forget for a very, very long time.
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