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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Garbage Truck

Police cited trash truck driver for causing violent crash with semi truck

Wisconsin police shared dash cam footage of an intense crash between a semi truck and a a garbage truck as a reminder to drivers to making sure that all through traffic lanes are clear before entering an intersection from a stop sign.
Truck Shoves Car Viral Video

Truck driver takes car for a ride in viral video

Watch and try to figure out what the heck happened as a car gets shoved down the roadway in a viral video that surfaced this week.

Load shift suspected in big rig rollover caught on camera

An Illinois man captured wild video of a semi truck rolling over in an intersection as the driver tried to make a turn.

Semi truck seriously sideswiped by box truck in dash cam video

A major collision involving a semi truck and a box truck was caught on dash cam.

Kansas troopers seek truck driver who recorded video of serious multi-vehicle crash

Yesterday the Kansas Highway Patrol asked for help locating a truck driver who was behind the wheel during a violent crash involving multiple semi trucks in mid-September.

Semi truck wallops large moose in dash cam clip

CDLLife reader Dennis Schiller recently sent in an unreal dash cam clip featuring a semi truck vs. moose collision.
High Waters

Truck driver gets a good lesson in why you don’t drive into high waters

A trucker tries to take on a flooded roadway -- and fails miserably.
Engine Explosion

‘Massive engine explosion’ caught on camera at truck pull

Spectators at a Wisconsin truck pull competition got a little more than they bargained for when one of the competitors had an engine explosion that sent the hood of the truck flying.
Truck Driver Rams Car Down The Road

Truck driver rams car down the road in wild video

A Facebook user shared a video clip of a truck driver nudging a car down the road.
Caspar the Camel

Yes, of course there is video of that time that a trucker bit a...

This week, the bizarre tale of a Florida trucker's encounter with a camel at a Louisiana truck stop went viral -- and now surveillance video of the incident has surfaced.
Iowa DOT distracted driving

Truckers paying attention kept this distracted driving crash from turning deadly

The Iowa Department of Transportation shared footage of a suspected distracted driving multi-vehicle crash that could have been much worse had the truckers behind the crash not been paying attention.
Doubles Save

Driver hauling double trailers makes a heart-stopping save

A truck driver makes a miraculous save after losing control in this dash cam clip.
Chandler Ross

52 truckers do something incredible for man diagnosed with rare cancer

A group of truckers in Mississippi came together for a beautiful display of kindness and support for a community member battling cancer.
I-10 Stuck

Semis stuck on I-10 ‘as far as the eye can see’

A rescue group shared frightening footage of long lines of semi trucks stranded on I-10 between Winnie and Beaumont, Texas.
Door Thief

Semi steals door from minivan that crossed over into its lane

A possibly distracted passenger vehicle driver narrowly avoids a head-on crash with a semi truck in this dash cam video.
Good Laugh

Trucker gets a good laugh over perfect timing

Fortune smiles -- just in time -- on a trucker as he passes a weigh station.

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