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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Red Light

Camera captures speeding car driver running red light, t-boning semi truck

Police have released gut-wrenching surveillance video of crash involving a car driver who failed to stop for a red light and plowed into a bobtail semi truck in Michigan earlier this week. 
Cop Vs. Train

You’ll look twice before crossing the tracks after seeing what happened to a Texas...

A Midland, Texas, police officer's surprising encounter with a train was captured on camera earlier this week.
'Speeding road rager' in pickup picks a fight with a trucker

‘Speeding road rager’ in pickup picks a fight with a trucker

A trucker shared a dash cam clip of his encounter with a "suicidal moron" in a pickup truck who uses brake checks to get his message across.
Utah Trooper Vs. Trucker

Trooper sideswipes truck driver, cites him anyway

After a collision with a Utah trooper that resulted in a citation, a trucking company has released dash cam video of the crash in hopes of telling their side of the story.
Local Farmer Helps Oversized Load Driver

Watch a local farmer give an oversized load driver a little help up a...

An Ohio farmer with a tractor gives a trucker hauling an oversized load a little helping hand up a hill in this heartwarming video clip.
Troopers share trucker's eye view of motorist's mad move

Troopers share trucker’s eye view of motorist’s mad move

Oklahoma troopers shared a trucker's dash cam video that showcases a car driver's clueless attempt to turn onto a highway.
Trucker's dash cam captures terrifying collision with out of control car

Trucker’s dash cam captures terrifying collision with out of control car

Shocking new dash cam video captured this week in California shows the moment that a semi truck smashes into an out of control car.
Truck Parking

Report: Lack of truck parking is causing ‘death and injury’

A Cincinnati news station recently shared a report detailing how dangerous the lack of safe truck parking really is -- both for truck drivers and for the public at large.

Teen’s failure to yield to semi while merging turns into “very scary ordeal”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released dash cam video of a recent multi-vehicle crash caused by a teen driver's decision not to yield to a semi truck.
Nashville Big Rig Crashes

Report looks at who is to blame for big rig crashes in Nashville

A new report took a deep dive into crash data from the Nashville area to determine who is really at fault -- truck drivers or car drivers -- for the uptick in big rig crashes in the area.
Big Rig Slip and Slide

Semi truck slips and slams into tow truck on dash cam

A semi truck suddenly loses control on an icy road, causing a crash with a tow truck that was caught on dash cam.
Self Driving Tampa

Watch live ‘self-driving’ semi truck test in Tampa

Check out live video of an autonomous truck driving test that took place in Tampa, Florida.
Dense fog caused car vs. semi smash up, says cammer

Dense fog caused car vs. semi smash up, says cammer

A car driver gets the fright of his life when he is suddenly involved in a major crash with a semi truck during low visibility fog conditions.

Watch 40 NASCAR hauler semis enter speedway in 60 seconds

Check out this time lapse video that shows how dozens of skilled Nascar haulers squeeze their shiny big rigs into pit row at a Tennessee racetrack.
Bicyclist who seems to want to get hit by a semi will make you want to buy a dash cam

Bicyclist who seems to want to get hit by a semi will make you...

Nebraska police have released dash cam video of a semi truck driver's frightening encounter with a suspected drunk bicycle rider.
Semis Flood 2

Video captures multiple semis stranded on interstate by flood

A viral video captured in Oklahoma shows how dangerous it is to drive through floodwaters -- even if you're in a semi truck.

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