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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Storage Lockers

Stuck truck tears up storage lockers in cringe-y video

An Enterprise rental truck driver trying to navigate through a storage facility finds himself in a tight spot in this cellphone video.
Road Rage Battle

Truckers play highway Rambo in unnerving video

A pair of truckers engage in a dangerous roadway battle as one tries to pass the other in a recently posted video.
Tanker Crash

Tanker truck veers off interstate, plows into tree, in video clip

A motorist's dash cam captured the moment that a tanker truck suddenly veered off of a Pennsylvania interstate and collided with a tree.

Semi truck can opener crash caught on dash cam

A motorist and his dash cam happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture a pretty epic semi truck can opener crash.
Loose Tire

Loose tire causes terror on New Jersey highway in viral video

Motorists captured frightening cellphone video of a stray CMV tire wreaking havoc on a New Jersey roadway.
Power Poles

Oversized load takes down power poles in dash cam video

A dash cam captured the moment that a truck hauling an oversized load brought down multiple power poles in Pennsylvania earlier today.
Veteran Trucker Convoy

40 year veteran trucker honored with one last convoy

A truck driver who spent decades behind the wheel was recently accompanied on his final ride by a convoy of semi trucks.
2 Tired

Truck driver is ‘two tired’ to notice what he’s missing

A truck driver's wheely scary misadventure is captured on dash cam.
Bottle Cap Challenge

Watch a trucker nail the Bottle Cap Challenge

Check out this video to see a trucker take on the viral Bottle Cap Challenge.
This video shows you exactly why semi truck anti-idling laws are inhumane

This video shows you exactly why semi truck anti-idling laws are inhumane

The CDLLife team created a video to illustrate just how dangerous anti-idling laws can be for truckers.
Off Roading

Trucker veers off interstate, goes off-roading

A New York motorist's dash cam captured a semi truck suddenly leaving the interstate and plowing through a ditch into a road sign.
Lexus Stop Sign Runner

Lexus driver ignores stop sign, turns trucker’s normal day into nightmare in dash cam...

A truck driver's workday takes a terrifying turn when a car driver runs a stop sign and sends his truck barreling off the road.
Dan Ryan

Man dances while clinging to semi truck on Dan Ryan Expressway

A Twitter user recently captured video of a man putting his life in danger by hanging on to the back of a semi truck as it travels at speeds of 50 m.p.h. on a Chicago highway.
Dump Truck Brampton

Dump truck pushes car almost half a mile in fatal crash

A tow truck driver's dash cam captured gut-wrenching footage of a dump truck pushing a car down the highway earlier this week.
Houston Blindspot

Trucker’s lane change triggers frightening rollover crash on Houston highway

A motorist's dash cam captured a serious multi-vehicle crash that sent two people to the hospital earlier this week.
Swift Traffic Light

Driver has no idea that he’s trucking a little something extra

A truck driver appears to have been caught on camera after running afoul of a traffic light in a viral Facebook video.

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