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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Hundreds of truckers convoy to say goodbye to company founder suffering from cancer

Last week, friends and employees turned out in droves to show love and respect for a trucking company founder batting cancer.

Maybe the pickup driver should’ve done a pre-trip

A trucker's dash cam was rolling as a pickup truck hauling a trailer had a severe highway mishap.

Battalion of bobtails slow roll on Chicago expressway for ‘Mayday’ trucker demonstration

A large group of truckers demonstrated in Chicago on Friday as part of the 'Mayday" movement.

Baffling bike rider drafts a dump truck at 40 MPH

Caught on camera -- a bicycle rider dangerously drafts within a few feet of the rear of a dump truck.
Runaway Ramp

Here are 6 of the wildest runaway truck ramp videos

It's a trucker's worst nightmare -- losing your brakes and being forced to use a runaway truck ramp.

Truckers use horns to sound ‘Mayday’ message — S.O.S. — in D.C.

Truckers across the country are taking part in "Mayday" protest activities intended to raise public awareness about issues like low rates and unfair broker practices.

Oregon troopers release dash cam video to try to identify truck driver after hit...

Oregon State Police (OSP) say that they are trying to locate a truck driver who was involved in a crash caught on dash cam near La Grande.

Terrifying motorcycle mishap caught on trucker dash cam

Police say that a motorcycle rider survived a serious crash that sent him plunging over a barrier to the ground below.

Security camera captures terrifying tanker rollover

A Vermont man captured stunning footage of a tanker truck rollover earlier this week.

If this video doesn’t convince you to pull over when you’re tired, nothing will

A recent viral video highlights the dangers of trucking while tired.

We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money....

We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money while reminding the public at large that without truckers, they'd have nothing. Here's how it works.

This super trucker’s advice on wearing a mask is the chuckle you need today

If you're a little tired of all of the Coronavirus gloom and doom, check out this funny "Billy Bigrigger" video on how to properly wear a mask.

Pickup tries to pick a fight with a semi in dash cam video

A trucker's dash cam was rolling when he was targeted by a pickup driver with multiple brake checks.

Trucker uses train horn to give car driver a lesson in merging

A truck driver said not just "no" but "hell no" to a car driver who tried to sneak in front of him in this dash cam video.

Trump hosts White House gathering to thank truckers for heroics during pandemic

On Thursday, President Trump held a major event on the South Lawn of the White House to recognize and praise the efforts of the U.S. truckers who have kept the nation moving in the face of a crippling virus outbreak.

Trucker waiting outside paper mill captures massive explosion on video

A huge explosion that occurred at a Maine paper mill on Wednesday was caught on camera by a truck driver.
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