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Truck Driver Wakes Up Sleeping Driver

VIDEO: Truck Driver Wakes Driver Sleeping On Highway

In this video, a truck driver encounters a driver who fell asleep on the highway and hops out of his truck… Read more »

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Load Of Rocks

VIDEO: Truck Spills Rocks Into Path Of Oncoming Car

Watch as this car’s dash cam captures the scary moment that a truck spills a load of rocks into its… Read more »

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3 Vehicle Crash

VIDEO: Four Wheeler’s Bad Decision Causes Crash

Watch as this four-wheeler driver decides to pass a van at the same time another car is already passing. The… Read more »

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SUV Vs. Truck

VIDEO: SUV Takes Turn To Nowhere In Path Of Truck

Whether this SUV driver was suicidal, attempting to start a lawsuit, or simply trying (and failing) to make a U-turn,… Read more »

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Dash Cam Captures Truck Vs. Pickup Crash

VIDEO: Trucker Dash Cam Captures Truck Vs. Pickup Crash

Take a look as a truck driver’s dash cam captures a crazy crash on a Houston highway, as well as… Read more »

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Red Car Cuts Off Truck

VIDEO: Red Car Almost Clips Truck

Watch as the impatient driver of the red car cuts off the truck, nearly clipping it, before pulling out in… Read more »

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Out Of Control Truck Hits Cam

VIDEO: Truck Loses Control And Slams Into Car

In this video, a truck loses control on a slippery road, slamming into the car recording the whole incident! Video… Read more »

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Dash Cam Captures Accident

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Sends Vehicle Into Path Of Truck

Watch as a car starts to fishtail, hitting another car, then sending it directly into the path of an oncoming… Read more »

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Box Truck Hit And Run

VIDEO: Box Truck Hit And Run

Take a look at this box truck driver hits a passenger vehicle before speeding away through the intersection! Video Credit:… Read more »

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Fiat Slowdown

VIDEO: Fiat Driver Slows To 12 MPH On A 70 MPH Highway In Front Of Truck

Take a look as this Fiat driver slows to a maddening 12 m.p.h. in front of a truck on a… Read more »

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Bad Decision Four Wheeler

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Makes A Bad Decision

Watch as this four wheeler driver makes a bad choice when he decides to pull out in front of an… Read more »

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Metal Platform

VIDEO: Truck Driver Cheats Death As Metal Platform Crashes Though Windshield

In this shocking dash cam video, a truck driver has a close call with a metal platform that comes crashing… Read more »

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Idiot Cuts Off Truck Then Stops

VIDEO: Idiot Rushes To Cut Off Truck, Then Stops

We’re not sure why this four wheeler was in such a hurry to get ahead of this truck, but as… Read more »

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SUV Vs. Pipe

VIDEO: Pipe Falls Off Truck And Smashes Into SUV

In this dash cam video, an SUV happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a… Read more »

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Two Truck Crash

VIDEO: Here’s What It Feels Like To Get Hit By A Truck…Twice

Watch as this dash cammer sustains not one but two hard hits from trucks! Video Credit: skinner

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Tanker Truck Close Call

VIDEO: Close Call With Lane Changing Tanker Truck

Watch as this sudden lane change by a tanker truck driver causes a crazy close call with a passenger vehicle!… Read more »

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Honda Pilot Car Jacking

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Wild Carjacking Attempt In Brooklyn

In this crazy dash cam video from earlier this week, a motorist steals a Honda Pilot from a car dealership in… Read more »

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Snowy Multi-Vehicle Crash

VIDEO: Speeding Through Snowy Conditions Causes Unbelievable Series Of Crashes

As snowy weather to make driving more dangerous, the Montana Highway Patrol has released dramatic dash cam video of an… Read more »

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How Not To Pass A Truck

VIDEO: How Not To Pass A Truck

Watch as this dash cammer attempts to pass a truck — only to end up narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic, losing… Read more »

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Traffic Stop Close Call

VIDEO: Epic Close Call During Traffic Stop

Watch as this routine traffic stop turns terrifying as a motorist loses control and almost hits the police officer! Video… Read more »

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Closest Close Call

VIDEO: Impatient Truck Driver Almost Causes Huge Accident

This impatient truck driver is saved by the quick reaction (and good brakes) of the trucker that he just cut… Read more »

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Rollerblader Hangs Onto Truck

VIDEO: Rollerblader Clings To Moving Truck

Watch as this reckless rollerblader hitches a ride on a moving truck! Video Credit: BuUzZ Videos

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Car Vs. Box Truck Crash

VIDEO: Reckless Motorist Causes Crazy Crash With Box Truck

In this video, a reckless motorist crashes into a box truck on the highway, causing a chain reaction crash. Video… Read more »

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Dash Cam Catches Lying Driver

VIDEO: Lying Motorist Caught On Dash Cam After Accident

Watch as this car driver tries to claim that another driver backed into him when the dash cam proves that… Read more »

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Car Swerves To Hit Motorcyclist

VIDEO: Car Allegedly Swerves To Hit Motorcyclist On Purpose

“I don’t care,” says the motorist in this video after swerving to hit a motorcycle — allegedly on purpose. According… Read more »

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Four Wheeler Road Rage

VIDEO: Big Rig Dash Cam Captures Road Rage Incident

The truck driver behind these dumb drivers captured their crazy road rage battle on his dash cam! Video Credit: Redneck… Read more »

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Oversized Load Tire Blow Out

VIDEO: Oversized Truck Tire Shreds And Hits Escort

Watch as this truck hauling an oversized load gets a tire blowout, sending his shredded tire flying into the windshield… Read more »

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Runaway Truck Hits Barrier

VIDEO: Runaway Truck Hits Barrier And Catches Fire

According to the video description, the brakes failed on this truck, causing it to slam into a concrete barrier at… Read more »

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CDLLife Video Contest

Share Your Dash Cam Videos With The CDLife Community!

Have captured something incredible with your dash cam that you can’t wait to share with other members of the trucking… Read more »

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Roundabout Fail

VIDEO: Truck Vs. Roundabout

Watch as this truck driver tries to navigate a roundabout, only to overturn and spill his load! Source: MGDLM 74

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Pile Up Avoidance

VIDEO: White Van Causes Highway Chaos

Watch as drivers scramble to avoid hitting other cars or debris after a white van causes a crash in this… Read more »

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Truck Plows Into Slowed Cars

VIDEO: Truck Driver Plows Into Slowed Traffic

Watch as this truck fails to slow for traffic, crashing into vehicles before running off the road! Source: Cosmos

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Crazy Intersection Crash

VIDEO: Car Trailer Launched Into Truck By Crazy Intersection Accident

Watch as an intersection accident sends a car’s trailer smashing into a box truck!

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Camaro Driver

Idiot Camaro Driver Who Ran Truck Off Road In Viral Video Indicted

The internet-famous Camaro driver who tried to pass a pickup on the left shoulder before losing control and slamming into… Read more »

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Mazda Flip

VIDEO: Trucker Dash Cam Captures Mazda Flipping

This trucker’s dash cam captures the moment that a Mazda loses control and rolls three times in front of him!

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Hit and Run Dump Truck

VIDEO: Driver Backs Into Truck, Drives Away

This dash cam video shows a vehicle rolling backwards, crunching the truck behind it, and then driving away as if nothing happened.

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Wrong Way Ramp

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Truck Driving Wrong Way Onto Off Ramp

Check out the scary moment when a motorist in Delta encountered a truck headed right for him on an off ramp!

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Border Patrol Chase

VIDEO: Trucker Captures High Speed Police Chase

CDLLife reader Chris Moore shared this must-see dash cam video showing his close encounter with a high-speed police chase. Moore… Read more »

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Truck Backs Into Parked Truck

VIDEO: Bobtail Backs Into Parked Truck

This dash cam video shows a truck that backs into a parked truck and seems not to notice as he goes in for a second and third attempt to back in!

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Out of Control Cement Truck

VIDEO: Out Of Control Cement Truck Hits Car Head On

Watch this crazy dash cam video that captures the moment that a cement truck’s brakes go out as it rounds a corner, then slams into an oncoming vehicle head on.

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Car Spins Out

VIDEO: Close Call When Car Spins Out In Front Of Truck

In this trucker filmed video, a car loses control and spins out in the path of an oncoming truck!

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Jeep Hits Barrier, Flies Backwards

VIDEO: Jeep Drives Into Barrier And Flies Backwards

In this wild dash cam video, a jeep driver loses control and hits a barrier, then flies backward into the vehicle filming! According to the video description, everyone survived the crash.

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Red Light On Dash Cam

VIDEO: Truck Runs Red Light In Front Of Cop

You should never run a red light, but this truck driver who gets caught on police dash cam is about to learn that you should really never run a red light in front of a cop!

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Truck Vs. Bridge Dash Cam

VIDEO: Truck Hits Bridge, Trailer Collapses

In this dash cam video, a truck hits a bridge, destroying the trailer!

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Truck Vs. Cow

VIDEO: Truck Vs. Cow Caught On Dash Cam

Most truck drivers know how much force a collision with a deer can have — but what about a cow? Take a look at this dash cam video to get a sense of how intense a collision between a truck and a cow can be. Hopefully, you’ll never have to find out what it’s like for yourself!

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Garmin dezlCam Dash Cam

Garmin Releases dēzlCam: All-In-One, Dash Cam & Navigation Device

Garmin has recently announced the release of the dēzlCam, it’s very first all-in-one navigator with a built in dash-cam, designed specifically for truck drivers.

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Crazy Four-Wheeler

VIDEO: Insane 4-Wheeler Bounces Off Median, Speeds Away

This video captures this scary 4-wheeler driver’s speeding past other vehicles and into the median — and then he just keeps going, faster than before!

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Brake Checker Gets Ticket

VIDEO: SUV Brake Checks Truck, Gets 3 Tickets

Brake Checker Gets Ticket

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Texas Truck Theives

Cops Hope Dash Cam Video Helps Catch Truck Thieves

Authorities in Cypress, Texas, are betting that the dash cam video that they collected will lead to the arrest of a pair of truck thieves that stole a truck and trailer from a truck rental business on June 10.

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Dash Cam From Behind

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Truck Rolling Over Behind Car

This motorist’s dash cam captured a box truck rolling over behind him.

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