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2011 Featured Peak Levels of Cargo Theft


FreightWatch International released a report this month announcing that cargo theft in 2011 reached an all-time industry high, up by more than 8% than the previous years. Average value of freight theft equaled about $320,000.

However, the report indicates that shippers are doing a better job of keeping valuable freight more secure, forcing thieves to make attempts on lower value cargo, like groceries, energy drinks, canned goods or candy.

Though the number of thefts is at its highest, the average value per theft has declined. “This shows that shippers and the industry as a whole is beginning to secure their high value cargo more effectively, forcing criminals to target less valuable loads,” says Barry Conlon, CEO of FreightWatch.

CEO of FreightWatch Barry Conlon says one of the most noticeable trends in 2011 was the continued decline in cargo theft incidents targeting the electronics sector, excluding cell phones. In 2006, this sector comprised 38% of all recorded supply chain theft incidents in the United States. In 2011 it recorded just 17%.

One thing is for certain, however; of the 974 recorded freight thefts, the vast majority of them happened while they were in transit by delivery or semi trucks. This means that truck drivers have to be more vigilant than ever when protecting their tractor trailers and cargo.

States most at risk for cargo theft in 2011 were California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia and Illinois.


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