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City Seeking Truck Driver Who Helped Save Suicidal Woman


Truck driver Saves Suicidal WomanAccording to the Durham Region, on Dec. 15 at around 3:30 p.m., a suicidal 18-year-old woman threw herself off of the Bloor Street East bridge and onto busy Hwy. 401, in Ontario.

The woman fell 23 feet, her body slamming onto the concrete below.  Though the fall did not kill her, she suffered serious injuries, including a broken pelvis.

A Clarington couple was heading west on the highway, when they noticed a figure moving in the roadway.  They stopped their car and then realized it was a woman.  A truck driver, driving alongside the couple, stopped his truck and used it to block oncoming traffic.

The couple and the truck driver ran over to the injured woman and began administering first aid.  Several bystanders grabbed blankets and coats from their vehicles and took them to the injured woman.

Paramedics arrived and rushed the woman to the hospital.  But before authorities could get the truck driver’s name, he left the scene.

“Durham police are congratulating the Clarington couple who were the first to stop and the driver of the transport truck, saying they played a significant role in saving the woman’s life,” the Durham Region reported.

The Clarington couple have been nominated for a citizen’s award. The city would also like to honor the truck driver who offered his help. Anyone with information about the trucker can call police at 1-888-579-1520.





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