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Free Spooky Movie Friday: The Devil’s Chair


Free Movies for Truck Drivers Devil's ChairHey truck drivers – ready for some blood and gore on the small screen for your Halloween pleasure? We’re back with another Free Movie Friday, where you can stream high quality movies through your YouTube account for the grand total of zero.

Don’t have a YouTube account yet? Get one here. If you have a Google ID or Gmail account, you can use those as your YouTube logins.

While you’re at it, go ahead and download the free YouTube mobile app for Android phones.

However, if you don’t have a YouTube account, nor want one, you can watch it for free at CrackleTV.com

What do we have in store today? It’s the confession of a serial murderer that plays out very differently than the psychologist who studies him had expected. Did young Nick go mad and then take it out on his girlfriend? Or was he driven mad by satanic forces and helplessly carry out their bidding?

His psychiatrist suspects that there is more to this murder than the authorities realize, and in order to prove it he organizes a special field trip to the decrepit asylum where Nick’s girlfriend was slain. But Nick has been diagnosed as clinically insane, and years of psychiatric treatment have irreversibly altered his perception of reality. Now, as the brutal, blood-soaked truth emerges from the darkness intent on destroying everything in it’s path, Nick will have to overcome demons of both the psychological and supernatural varieties if he holds out any hope of ending the slaughter and proving his sanity.

The Devil’s Chair is rated R for good reason. It’s bloody and twisted, right off the bat. Not for the kiddos!

Sound like a good time? Head over to YouTube and watch! Enjoy truck drivers!

Click the image to watch at YouTube, or click this link to watch at CrackleTV>>>

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