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VIDEO: Get a Closer Look At The Joker’s Rig


Truck driving isn’t easy. Stunt Truck Driving really isn’t easy. When Christopher Nolan hired his stunt coordinator Paul Jennings for The Dark Knight, he knew he had to find some special drivers.

Sending a car through the motions is one thing – putting a Class 8 Semi Truck through some precision driving maneuvers is another.

Jennings found the right drivers, and found the right truck for the movie’s central chase scene. It just happened to be a trucker favorite, due to its solid build and reliable engine – the Peterbilt 378.

Nolan bought nearly 20 Peterbilt model 378s to complete the sequence. One survived. These days, the Peterbilt makes the rounds at custom car shows and comic conventions all over North America.

The first video we have is a closer look at the outside of the truck, and inside the cab.

The next video we have for you is the entire chase sequence involving police sedans, armored trucks, a garbage truck, the infamous Peterbilt 378, and of course, the massive bad boy Batmobile. Unlike the props from Batman films from the past, the Nolan Batmobile (it’s actually called The Tumbler in the film by everyone), really IS a super car. It’s outfitted with a 500 HP GM V8, and can go 0 – 60 in less than 6 seconds. Unlike the Peterbilt 378, the Tumbler was designed to perform and survive all sorts of crazy stunts. Have a look at how the Tumbler and the Peterbilt face off, and see the semi truck’s spectacular fate. Enjoy!

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