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Trucker Buddy of the Month, May 2012: Dan Baker


Trucker Buddy of the Month, May 2012: Dan Baker Truck drivers make great mentors and teachers.  Trucker Buddy International gives truck drivers the opportunity to teach students about the trucking industry, geography and many other unique facts and information students may not learn from text books.

Trucker Buddy International has named Dan Baker the May 2012 Trucker Buddy of the Month. Baker is the owner of Baker and Sons Trucking of St. Joseph, Missouri. Baker was nominated by Oregon, Missouri teacher Susan Bailey and her 27 secong-grade students.

In a letter to Trucker Buddy International, Bailey wrote, “Our class will  track the movements of Mr. Baker, discuss where he visits, learn about land marks, and how to use a road map.  Mr. Baker visits our class several times a year. He has been on the road since December 27th. During his recent travels, he has traveled through Massachusetts, Virginia, West  Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. He brought the children post cards, magnets, and a real baby alligator head for our new classroom pet. The children were thrilled and excited to hear his stories, facts, and receive his generous gifts. Mr. Baker’s wife, Beth coordinates his business and sends him out on his trips.”

Trucker Buddy of the Month, May 2012: Dan Baker
Trucker Buddy Dan Baker

The children were excited to see his big red truck and reefer. They went inside the sleeper and were amazed that he

had a refrigerator, microwave, two beds and lots of movies.  Trucker Dave also showed them where he keeps his snack container the class gave him for Valentine’s Day.

The students in the class see first-hand the truck that he drives, where he lives while on the road, and all the technology that he uses to help deliver the products we all use.  Mrs. Bailey’s class is the first to participate in this program at South Holt and they are grateful that the Baker family has chosen their class to participate in the Trucker Buddy program.

“The children also were able to see inside the back of his refrigerator reefer and he told them about hauling loads that needed cold air. As we visited in the classroom after the tour several comments were made that he has a lot of buttons to control and they really liked the shiny chrome!   Trucker Buddy Dave brought the class 8 new
magnets for our display board in the classroom.  During his last 3 week long trip, we received many emails and pictures for our wall. Our class looks forward to hearing from our Trucker Buddy Dave!”

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