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Parking Shortages: Is There a Feasible Solution?


Posted at Fleet Owner Magazine
Originally posted at Fleet Owner magazine.

This week over at Fleet Owner online, Sean Kilcarr goes into some details about how safe truck parking spots came to be such a rare commodity, and who is attempting to do something about it. Some are using truck driver test groups, community outreach, lobbying and technology. The problem continues to persist.

From the article by Sean Kilcarr from Fleet Owner:

It’s an issue that’s been the subject of five formal studies since 1996 and one upon which several technology research projects are now busily grappling with: a shortage of truck parking spaces along major freight corridors in the U.S.

“This is definitely not a new issue; we’ve been tracking it since back in the mid 1990s,” explained Tom Kearney, manager of freight operations for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) during a webinar this week sponsored by the Trucking Industry Mobility & Technology Coalition (TIMTC); a group comprised of government agencies and industry associations.

Kearney noted that when FHWA went to disburse $34 million worth of discretionary funds dedicated to the truck parking issue several years ago, it received $231 million worth of grant proposals – a clear indicator, he said, of how widespread the demand is for parking solutions.

Read the rest of the article at Fleet Owner online.


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