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Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers


5 Money Saving Tips for TruckersThis week, Hannah McIntosh over at The Healthy Trucker posted an article about five simple, but smart ways that truck drivers can save a little extra that will go a long way over the year. How do you prevent yourself from spending too much on the road?

Since we all know that truck driver pay rates aren’t in line with the hours of work you do, truckers are forced to find creative ways to safeguard their cash stash. Knowing that many travel stops take advantage of the need for convenience, they have no problem pushing prices to a premium, especially on things that truck drivers consider vital.

However, the solutions can be really simple (almost common sense, if you think about it) and don’t really take much planning. Here’s the five money saving tips that Hannah came up with:

  1. Make a Budget – Don’t spend your money blindly – that’s how people get into debt.
  2. Skip fast food chainsValue meals may look cheap, but they really aren’t. They’re also very unhealthy.
  3. Make a list of where free WiFi signals are on your regular routes. Or download free mobile apps that tell you where they are.
  4. Take advantage of deals like Driver Loyalty Cards – They can help you save on simple things like showers and maintenance.
  5. Avoid getting cash advances on your paychecks. Things like this can put you in a vicious circle.

Again, a lot of these can seem like common sense, but sometimes it just takes a little notice to wake some drivers up.

Read why these 5 money saving tips will really work at The Healthy Trucker.


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