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UPS CEO Calls out Washington to Get Financial Plan Finished


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Originally published at Commercial Carrier Journal

Today the Commercial Carrier Journal reported that United Parcel Service Chairman and CEO Scott Davis “called on leaders in Washington, D.C., to prepare a bipartisan debt reduction plan by January, saying the nation’s economy is being held back by its debt load and the uncertainty of fiscal policy.”

“I believe it’s realistic to have it approved early next year,” said Davis. “If our leaders work together and can compromise, we can deal with these problems and get our nation on a sustainable fiscal path.”

Recent economic indicators involving the trucking industry show that the sector is stable and often out-performs many other industries with hiring and profit, but that it’s beginning to show a slight retraction. However many analysts predict that the trucking industry will make a large rebound during the busy buying season of late fall and winter. Still, Scott Davis doesn’t feel like letting the industry and economy fix itself.

“I want our elected officials in Washington, D.C., to start running this country the way we run our companies – with real leadership, courage, discipline and foresight,” Davis said. “Simply put, we need our representatives to reach out more and to dig in their heels less. Our country needs pragmatic leaders who work together to solve problems.”

Read more about what Davis had to say to his professional peers and some strong words he had for the elected officials in Washington at Commercial Carrier Journal online.


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