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Video: Romanian Gang’s Truck Heist


Romanian Gang's Truck HeistDrivers, do you ever wonder what could be going on in your blind spot?  We’ve shown you videos of a guy hitching a ride on the back of the truck and a guy rolling along in his wheelchair, holding on to the back of a truck.

This video is like a scene from The Fast and the Furious.  A gang of Romanian robbers pull up behind a truck.  Two men climb out of the sunroof and crawl across the hood of the car, while the car’s driver pulls the car against the bumper of the truck.

The man on top of the car works open the truck’s back door and inspects the truck’s contents.

Too bad the truck didn’t know the would-be robbers were back there, or he/she could have given them a serious brake-check.

Two videos of the incident are below.  If you cannot view one, try the next.



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