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Wendy Benton Parker: Get on Our Level


Wendy Benton Parker“Yeah, I’ve got animals, and occasionally they shit in her yard. So what? She has a kid and the little bastard gets on my nerves.”

This is a direct quote from one of the most beautiful people we know, who also happens to own a daycare. She’s babysat half a town full of children, and she’s not afraid to admit they get on her goddamn nerves. This is what makes her an awesome person to take care of kids, she expects them do things for themselves, she helps raise capable individuals. When you tell a three year old he can’t go outside if he can’t put his own shoes on, it’s a bet the little knucklehead will find a way to get his shoes on.

People tell their kids they’re awesome way too much these days. I’m all for positive reinforcement, but sometimes you have to look them in the eye and say, ‘That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, asshole.’

My Mother told us we didn’t have to try to be mediocre, there was absolutely no reason we shouldn’t be exemplary. She was never really impressed with accomplishments, it was expected of us. Consequently, when my Mom offers praise, it’s highly valued. Momma doesn’t give ‘participation’ trophies.

It hurts when your kids fail. It feels like a direct reflection on you, the pain is just as deep for the parents. Unfortunately, failure is apart of life. It’s a reminder that you’re a stupid human being and no matter how old or smart you think you are, you still have a lot to learn.

I don’t want to make any kind of political statement here, because people become rabid and abuse Chick-Fila sandwiches when political statements are made, but we’ve kind of lost sight of the human factor here. Respect for mankind in general is an intrinsic element we’re all responsible for. We accomplish it by teaching our children well. That doesn’t mean assisting them in every way possible to have an easy and comfortable life. It means telling them if they can’t put on their own damn shoes, they can’t go outside to play.


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