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7 Simple Changes for Better Health on the Road


5 Money Saving Tips for TruckersMaking a big change starts with small shifts. Truck drivers are constantly battling the bulge. They fight high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease since they occupy a job that has them in high-pressure situations at all hours, with relatively little physical movement. That’s a big red flag for health.

What next? Simple diet changes.

The best way to make big changes in your health is to make small changes in long-term habits, so says health expert Hannah McIntosh from Healthy Trucker. These changes may seem paltry at first, but once they become regular habits, the benefits become easy to spot. What are they?

1. Switch Out Soda – Soda is full of sugar (a can of regular Coke contains more than an entire day’s allotment of sugar) and does not offer any nutritional value whatsoever. Even diet soda is bad for you, as it still contains unhealthy ingredients like caffeine and aspartame.

2. Park For Health – Walking is healthy and even just a little can add up to a lot over time. Do it!

3. Whole Wheat for Health – White bread is heavily refined and hurts your system. Whole wheat contains more fiber, has a lower glycemic index, and is high in vitamins like B-1, B-3, and B-5.

4. Fresh Foods Instead of Prepared – Make a weekly pit stop at a nearby Walmart or grocery store and stock up on groceries. If you have a microwave, slow cooker, or portable stove in your truck, it’s easy to make home-cooked meals without even leaving your cab.

5. Salad Dressing on the Side – If you’re drenching your salad in fattening dressings and toppings like ranch, cheese, and bacon bits, you’re probably still taking in excess calories. Dressing on the side removes that option, at least a little.

6. Less Bulk, More Frequency – 5-6 smaller meals could be more beneficial to weight loss than 3 large meals. Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps to regular blood sugar and keep hunger at bay.

7. Shift Your Meal Focus – Reducing your meat intake can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke! An absence of meat will also force you to eat more fruits and veggies, at least for that one day.

Read the rest of this great plan at Healthy Trucker from Hannah McIntosh!




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