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Bell Cartage Hauls Elephants Cross-Country


Fifty-four-year-old, Ed MacLean – driver of 36 years recently had the opportunity to haul a very interesting load.

His journey began at the Toronto Zoo on Thursday, where he picked up a 10,000-pound elephant who was on its way to a California sanctuary. The elephant was transported in a huge metal crate on a flatbed, and followed by a load containing two more elephants as well as an entourage of vets, and trainers.

It was important to get the three elephants to California, due to the fact that a harsh Toronto winter would be hard on the heat-loving animals.

Initially, the Toronto Zoo had planned to hire Canadian Forces cargo to make the journey. Those plans fell through for political reasons, and an Arizona company – who had previously conducted 37 elephant moves was also consulted. – But they scoffed at the idea due to the potentially hazardous fall weather conditions.

That’s when the owner of Bell Cartage – a company with an 80 truck fleet – stepped up, he was experienced in livestock transport, and felt that they were up to the challenge.

The convoy loaded 95 hay bales, several barrels of water, and also Gatorade to nourish the elephants when they faced dehydration.

The million-dollar move brought in approximately $40,000 for Bell Cartage.

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