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It’s Not a Party Unless The X Grill Shows Up



Ken Foster, owner of this $40,000 vehicle, just has to push a button to transform this disguised oil tanker. When the button is pushed, the whole thing cracks open like a giant set of aluminum jaws. Inside sits a massive traveling kitchen, complete with four-burner stove, 42-inch grill and stainless steel prep counter. Foster created the vehicle to be able to cook massive quantities of meat, naming the vehicle the X Grill.

Foster worked with welder Gary Webb on all aspects of the vehicle, from hinges to hydraulic systems. Foster and Webb claim not a single part came from a box.

In case the X Grill is needed for a big job, there are three more grills you can set up beside the truck and hook into the system. All the appliances are run off a 65-gallon propane tank which is mounted to the side of the truck.

Foster says the X Grill spends most of its time at community and charitable events, but it is available to rent for private parties, also. He donates his equipment and cooking services, and the host group supplies the food and gets to keep any profit.


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