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Fish Oil Fights The Effects Of Sugary Foods


shutterstock_94586602We all give in to cravings. Some of us love chips and ice cream, others of us love fried foods and soda. How can our bodies ever forgive us for what we put them through? – The answer might just be fish oil.

According to a review conducted for the British Journal of Nutrition, foods that are high in refined sugar then to create inflammation and eventually increase the amount of unhealthy fats in your bloodstream. Unfortunately, this causes a disruption in the neurogenesis process which creates new nerve cells in the brain (around the hippocampus – which controls memory, learning, and cognitive function). When this process is impaired it impacts things like memory, our ability to learn, and can eventually lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Those same nerve cells also play a role when it comes to controlling food intake and weight regulation – essentially when you eat junk, you crave more junk.

According to Lucy Pickavance, Ph.D., fish oil fights the negative effects of the consumption of junk food because it encourages neurogenesis.

Although fish oil doesn’t excuse foul play in the diet fame, it helps to negate a lot of negative effects. You can also create a similar effect by eating fish like salmon, sardines, black cod, bluefish, herring, and mackerel (so long as they aren’t farm-raised, farm raised fish tend to be low in Omega 3’s due to their poor diets).


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