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Living Your Worst Nightmare: How To Prepare


By: Kari Fisher — Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

In February 2012, Mark Williams Sr. loaded his trailer and fueled and was never heard from again. In an effort to get the word out about Williams’ disappearance, the Facebook posts were started, and a Missing Driver campaign was started. As a result, the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was born. Today, there are over 5,700 members in the group and 16,000 likes on the page.

So, what can be done to prepare for a missing driver?

Tips for drivers and family:

· A current picture of the driver and truck should be kept with the family, and all companies should also have pictures of all trucks in their fleets as well as a high quality picture of the driver. Driver’s license pictures do not copy well.
· Keep a current list of the truck number, the DOT/MC numbers and truck and trailer license number.
· Know the make, model year and style of the truck cab as well as color. Know the style of trailer being pulled.
· Keep a physical description along with the picture
· Know the driver’s preferred fuel stops, rest areas and stopping places.
· Establish a routine for phone calls.
· If you do not hear from your driver, resist the temptation to repeatedly call. This causes a drain on the cell phone battery.
· Use an application to keep track of your driver. We suggest Life360. It is free and fairly reliable.
· Should your driver go missing, notify the police immediately. Policy varies among agencies as to how long a person is missing before a Missing Person’s Report is taken. Also, notify the agency involved that the missing person is an interstate carrier. Time must not be wasted waiting. Request that a court order be obtained as soon as possible to have the cell phone “pinged”.
· Companies that have a missing driver, shut the fuel card off as soon as feasible. Contact the shipper and receiver as well as the broker.
· Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector in your sleeper.
· Have a complete physical annually.
· Eat a healthy diet and exercise.

If your driver is ever missing, contact the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network.


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