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Naturally Relieve Seasonal Allergy Symptoms



Allergy season is here, and it seems as though everyone is suffering the consequences. Find out here how to naturally relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.

Find time to relax each day.
We know that’s easier said than done, but try your best to dedicate 15-20 minutes of your day to de-stressing. Wether that means turning off lights a little early before bed, reading a chapter of a book, or listening to your favorite tunes at an enjoyable volume – find a way to do something you love and feel good about it everyday. Being anxious and stressed out can actually cause allergy attacks to be more intense and also longer lasting.

Keep those windows closed up.
Do what you can to keep pollens out of your truck by keeping the windows up.

Wash your hair before you go to sleep.
For many, waking up and taking a shower is a good wake-up routine, for whatever reason – you just feel a little refreshed and awake once you step out. However, you might want to consider switching your shower time to the evenings. The pollen that’s circulating through the air can often be trapped in your hair – by showering before bed, you can avoid spreading the pollens into your pillowcases and sheets. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to sleep more restfully!

Frequently wash your sheets.
This one might not be as easily achievable while out on the road, but frequently washing sheets in hot water kills dust mites. Try to get them washed once weekly. Perhaps, you could kill two birds with one stone and relax with a good book to the whirring sound of your sheets being washed! – Then again, maybe not.

Eat right & make healthy choices.
Give your body the tools it needs to fight off those allergy symptoms.

Try a saline rinse!
Seriously, it flushes out those pollens – and whatever else has managed to collect in your nose throughout the day! This isn’t something you’ll be able to do in the privacy of your truck, so you might want to accomplish this at the same time you take your evening shower.


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