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Protesters Threaten Truck Driver In Whiteclay, Nebraska


Update: According to an Associated Press article, Nebraska state law enforcement officers have deemed the vandalism revolving around the protest of alcohol sales in Whiteclay to be ‘concerning.’

Yet another beer truck has been vandalized this month, bringing the total to two in three weeks. The Nebraska State Patrol has taken to supervising deliveries brought by beer trucks due to the increased level of violence amongst the protestors. According to Col. David Sankey – superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, the violent protestors have been able to dodge arrest thus far by stepping into the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – outside the jurisdiction of Nebraska law enforcement.

The most recent display of vandalism was on May 13th. The protestors caused more than $10,000 damage to the High Plaines Budweiser truck by smashing headlights, windows, the windshield, and slashing one of the front tires. – There were no injuries reported.

According to Jeff Scheinost – the owner of High Plains Budweiser, the vandals are young members from the American Indian Movement from out of state.


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Sheridan County Journal Star

Protesters Threaten Truck Driver In Whiteclay, Nebraska

A truck driver delivering beer to Whiteclay, Nebraska had a nightmarish experience earlier this month when his truck was vandalized by protesters.

Apparently the activists were protesting alcohol stores surrounding the nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. According to eyewitnesses, the truck driver was confronted by more than a dozen activists about his delivery.

A local grocery store owner mentioned that one of the protesters went as far as to flash a knife at the driver, and tell him to leave town. In addition to the threats, the activists began to stomp the beer cans and toss them into the street. Reports also say the the two front tires of the truck were slashed.

The driver was not hurt, and the Sheridan County Attorney Dennis King stated that criminal charges are likely.


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