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Tips To Smart Eating At A Buffet


Sometimes it’s tough to remember to be a smart eater – especially at a buffet. All that steaming food spreading endlessly around every corner can be tempting. It seems as though any time we find ourselves in an ‘all you can eat’ situation, we get this weird urge to ‘get our money’s worth’ – even if that doesn’t really make sense. Use these tips to keep from overdoing it at the buffet!

Sit with your back to the feast.

The longer you longingly gaze at the spread – the worse off you are. Try to choose a seat that keeps you sitting with your back towards the buffet.

Don’t show up starving.

This might not always be doable for a driver after being out all day. Try to have a little snack that’s high in protein before you head in. This might help to keep you from having a ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach’-type scenario – you’ll be glad that you curbed your hunger.

Sit as far away as you can.

The typical buffet-goer makes an average of 3 trips – however, it’s not uncommon to make five or more. Try to sit as far away from the buffet as you can. According to researchers, for every 40 feet farther away you sit from a buffet, chances are that you’ll make one less trip back to it.

Start with fruit & salad.

Starting slow with fruit and salad will help to fill you up with foods that are high in fiber and low in fats and calories. Skip the creamy fat-filled salad dressings, and shoot for vinegar or oil-based dressings.

Hot soup will fill you up!

Having a bowl of hot soup is a great way to fill-up. Shoot for something broth based, thats filled with vegetables!

Take your time.

Take the time to look over the entire buffet. If you have a good idea of what all the options out there are, then you’ll be more likely to make smart, healthy choices. This way, you won’t make a selection, walk around the corner, find something you like better, and end up eating two entire servings of each!

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