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VIDEO: 1940s Truck Driver Training Video


The National Association of Automotive Mutual Insurance Companies presents 1940s CDL training.


Favorite quotes from the video:

“Every crossing is a bear-trap, believe me.”

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Joe:  “Hey, Andy, look at all those tire burns on the road, what gives?”

Andy: “Those burns were put down because screwball drivers barged out of driveways​ in front of high-speed traffic.”

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Joe: “Say’a just before we left the city, Andy, we made a right turn– you had me make some maneuvers that looked kind of screwy to me, how about that?”

Andy: “Well, I was trying to avoid what is known as the squeeze plate, Joe.”

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Andy: “For my money, yellow and red are the same color.  They both mean stop. Regardless how you mix red and yellow, Joe, they never make green.”

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Andy: “S.T.O.P. spells ‘stop,’ not slow.”

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