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VIDEO: Dave The Raw Food Trucker


Driver, Dave was able to lose 98 pounds eating raw food in only days!The Raw Food Diet is a low-calorie approach to health and weight loss. Those participating in the Raw Food Diet seek out food that’s loaded with nutrients and natural enzymes in order to reach a healthier condition.

“Raw Food” hasn’t been cooked above 115 degrees, microwaved, processed, genetically engineered, irradiated, or exposed to herbicides/pesticides.

Foods which can be consumed on the Raw Food Diet included: fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and herbs – but only in their whole and natural state.

Those that support the Raw Food Diet believe that cooking takes most of the vitamins and immune-boosting properties out of plants.

There are a number of variations of the Raw Food Diet, since it can be incredibly difficult to follow strictly. Many still consume some raw animal products such as cheese made with raw milk, unpasteurized/raw milk, raw fish (sashimi), and various types of other raw meats.

Weight loss is incredibly likely following this diet, many people participating in the Raw Food Diet end up consuming less than half of the calories they normally would.

The Raw Food Diet follows the standard acceptable dietary guidelines quite closely, and is incredibly healthy. However, the level of convenience when it comes to following this lifestyle diet is low – many times it’s difficult to find foods that will meet the guidelines, and it also tends to be relatively expensive to adhere to.

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