Video: Driver Survives Slink Over Loveland Pass

According to KUSA, on Wednesday, the Loveland Pass was temporarily closed while crews worked to remove a truck that slid down a steep embankment on Tuesday night.

KUSA reports that 31-year-old jason Munsee pulled his truck onto the side of the road then it suddenly began sliding down the mountain.

Munsee was injured, though the extent of his injuries are unknown.

Munsee’s family member told KUSA that once the truck came to a stop, Munsee crawled out of his window.  Once out of the truck, he found himself in chest-deep snow and he could not walk through it, so Munsee decided to climb back into his truck.

Some time later, Munsee got back into the chest-deep snow and waded his way to the top of the embankment where he was able to flag down another truck driver for help.

Munsee was transported to a local hospital.


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