Video: Truck Driver’s Direct Hit With Georgia Tornado

Georgia Tornado
Image Credit: Still From CBS Atlanta coverage.

CBS Atlanta 46

In an interview with CBS Atlanta, Crane truck driver Eric Harper recounts his harrowing encounter with a tornado in Adairsville, Georgia.

The tornado passed through the area at approximately 11:10 a.m. on Wednesday.  The strong, angry winds from the storm tossed Harper’s truck on its side.

“All of the sudden it got harder and harder and I looked around, ‘I hope it don’t blow me over,'”  Harper told CBS Atlanta. “Before I got the words out of my mouth good, wham! I was lying over to the side.”

Fellow truck drivers parked in the area rushed to help a shaken and slightly battered Harper out of the wreckage.  He was fortunate enough to escape with only minor injuries.

“Hurt my shoulder really good right here real bad, I got against the thing there,” he told CBS Atlanta.”I just thank God that I was here at the lot when it happened instead out on the highway.”

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