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Drivers Take Up Sewing And Knitting To Pass Time


Truck drivers knitting or sewing as a hobby might come as a surprise, but should it?

It seems as though this crafty pass-time is more common than one might expect!

The large amount of idle time that drivers are faced with each day can be daunting, and even depressing. However, some have found that this extra time is a perfect window to work towards crafting a handmade item they can take pride in!

Fabric, thread, sewing machines, and needles can be stored in a surprisingly compact manner, making needlework projects incredibly easy to tuck away!

Don Hummer Trucking Corp., a company based out of Iowa, has actually founded a ‘sewing club’ specifically for their drivers, encouraging the hobby, because the management recognizes the stress-relieving, time-passing, and enjoyable traits of needlework. According to human-resources manager Dena Boelter, “We want them to pass the time to make themselves happy, rather than get frustrated waiting.”

This particular task allows hobbyists to feel a genuine sense of craftsmanship. To physically create and own something in that way can be hugely rewarding! Tasks like sewing, knitting (even drawing or crafting of any kind) can provide a wonderful escape for drivers.

Heck, there’s even some common ground between knitters and drivers! ‘Trucker’s Elbow’ is a knitting term referring to a similar irritation in the Ulnar nerve (which causes a tingling in the ring finger) that both experience – it typically happens when drivers leave their elbows up on the window for long periods of time.

Do you knit, sew, or do crafting of any kind in your idle time? – We’d love to hear about it! Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and tell us about your hobbies!

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