Truck Driver, Mark Godfrey of Rincon, Georgia is lucky to be alive after his tanker flipped, starting a 2-alarm fire in Bibb County, Georgia last weekend.

According to Bibb County deputies, the driver lost control of the tanker, causing the rig to overturn – igniting the load of flammable fluid. The blaze melted a total of 6 vehicles at a car dealership nearby.

Fortunately, Godfrey was able to escape the wreckage by climbing out of the window, and jumping from the cabin after his truck burst into flames.

Godfrey bravely jumped 10 feet to the ground and sprinted 15 feet to safety as the flames caused blisters to spring up on his body.
Although Godfrey is suffering from blisters and bruising, he’s doing well.

The driver was not ticketed.

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