Green Bay’s Leo Frigo Bridge Reopens

Leo Frego Bridge Reopens

Last September, we announced that the sinking Leo Frigo Bridge (carrying I-43 of Green Bay, Wisconsin) would be closed indefinitely – it’s been 3 months (102 days, to be exact), and the bridge has finally reopened!

The Leo Frigo Bridge officially opened on Sunday (yesterday) at 9:30 a.m. – a full 12 days ahead of schedule.

This bridge had 5 corroded support piers that needed to be repaired, and was actually forced to close after one of those piers sunk 2 feet into the Fox River causing a huge dip in the bridge’s pavement.

According to the Wisconsin DOT, the inconvenience cost to the averaged 40,000 daily motorists was estimated at $139,000 per day.

Repairs cost an estimated $20 million in Federal funds, and the state is paying Zenith Tech (the company which completed the repair work) an additional $750,000 bonus for completing the project early.

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