California Joint Port of Entry

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Drivers routed through southern California are soon to have new stop once a Highway Project called ‘Joint Port of Entry’ is completed.

This stop – priced at $85 million – will be located in San Bernardino County, just over the Nevada border. According to project manager Jason Bennecke, the purpose of the project is to: “get every single big rig on the scales.” Bennecke stated that there is a huge amount of overweight commercial trucks entering California at “an unprecedented pace.”

The California Department of Transportation District Director, Basem Muallem, says that California’s largest investments – worth trillions – are their roads and infrastructure.

At the new ‘Joint Port of Entry,’ every southbound truck will exit from Interstate 15. The driver will have been approved at an off-site scale and given a free pass, or will have to slow down (to 30-35 miles per hour) in order to be automatically weighed by a motion system.

The estimated date for the completion of the ‘Joint Port of Entry Project is: summer 2015.

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