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Letter From a Truck Driver: Dear Winter


By: C.L. Miller

Dear Winter,

Please understand that I really like you. I just don’t think this relationship is working out for me.

This isn’t an easy letter for me to write, but I think it’s time we stopped seeing each other.

It started in November. I was enjoying my time with Fall when you butted in and tried to break us up. Summer frequently overstays its welcome and I’m used to that, but when you showed up early, you messed up everything. Fall went away and wouldn’t be back for a year.

Normally you are fairly quiet when you arrive, waiting patiently for your turn. You throw a snow flurry here, a gust of cold wind there, and we have time to get re-acquainted. This year you barged in, sat down, and refused to move for weeks. You are getting into everything and hanging out in places where you aren’t welcome. You are being stubborn, and I’m tired of it.

And your attitude! You’ve been cold and merciless. You’ve shown no consideration for me or my friends. And what’s with this on-and-off nonsense lately? Make up your mind! I’m getting literally sick of not knowing what each day will bring.

I realize that your lease doesn’t expire until late March, so I can’t throw you out. However, you have been here longer than your allotted ninety days and I think it’s time we made arrangements for your departure.

Yes, I know the Winter Olympics are being held and you have a job to finish. Fine. Then move to Sochi and leave me alone.

– A Truck Driver


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