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Minnesota Trucking Association Names ‘2013 Truck Driver of the Year’


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As of January 23, 2014, the Minnesota Trucking Association has officially named 72 year-old, Milt Lowe as Minnesota’s 2013 Truck Driver of the Year.

Lowe is a driver for Citi-Cargo & Storage of Eagan, Minnesota. He was selected from a lineup of very distinguished professional drivers by a group of judges whose credentials range from FMCSA Division Administrator (Dan Drexler), to State Patrol Captain (Matt Sokol) and Minnesota DOT Director (Ward Briggs).

The Minnesota Trucking Association reported that a safe driving record, job performance, and community service were all factors in choosing Lowe as the Truck Driver of the Year. He has been a driver for 45 years, and logged 3.5 million miles. He’s never had a moving violation, accident, or even a freight claim.

“For the last 23 years he has worked for us, he has driven in the inner-city, starting at 5 or 6 a.m. in the morning, in traffic all day, backing into docks, loading and unloading two or three trailers every day. He is careful, meticulous, conscientious and respected by his customers. At Citi-Cargo & Storage, he is known and loved.” – Kathy Berglof, Director of Safety for Citi-Cargo & Storage

According to Lowe the key to driving safely is to, “Drive defensively. Always watch the other drivers ahead, beside and behind you.” He also advises drivers to, “Quit speeding and texting and talking on the telephone.’ Lowe says:

“I try to “drive ahead of myself.” I look for the brake lights. And I don’t put my nose on somebody’s rear fender. The equipment today is better, but the stress level is higher because of the traffic. Nobody has any patience. And people are less courteous. The younger generation is worse. I get a one-finger salute once in a while. I just keep my cool and let them have their fun. I may get a little frustrated, but I don’t get angry.”

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