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Ms. Manners: Interstate On-Ramps


When I see someone coming onto the interstate on-ramp, I move over to make room for them. On many of occasions, I have found myself stuck out in that second lane, after moving out of lane one (granny lane) to lane two,  so another trucker can merge smoothly into the flow of traffic. – Only to be repaid by them matching my speed and leaving me hanging out there to dry. I find this in bad taste and, frankly, poor trucker etiquette. If someone makes the effort to get over FOR YOU, the least you could and SHOULD do is let him/her back over into the lane they were traveling in prior to you barreling down the on-ramp. As we all know, it is proper and assumed that you will do your best to make room for any truck getting onto the highway.  Please return the favor by allowing him back over.

Trucking is not just a profession,  it’s a way of life.


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