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Oil Truck Driver Saves Dog From Flaming Kennel


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MASSACHUSETTS: Oil truck driver, Kevin Labrie, was making an Easthampton delivery on Monday afternoon when he spotted a fire coming from a dog kennel located in a the back yard of a home on Melinda Lane.

Labrie sprang into action and attempted to free 13-year-old beagle (Pammy) from her burning kennel.

The frightened dog unfortunately bit Labrie’s hand while he was trying to open the gate.

Though the driver had to be treated for the bite and stitched up, he’s alright – and unsurprised by the dog’s frantic action. The dog had a little bit of singed fur, but is otherwise fine.

Upon further investigation, it seems that the fire was caused by a hot lightbulb inside of the freestanding kennel – which was also very close to another building on the property.

The homeowner was in the basement at the time of the incident, and was alerted of the fire by a neighbor. By the time he was able to get outside – Labrie had already been able to get the dog out of the kennel.

The three used snow and a garden hose to begin extinguishing the flames, and the fire department arrived quickly. The fire was put out within ten minutes.

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