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Part Two: Krissy’s Travels


Adventures of Hunter’s Traveler, Krissy
Part Two

By Heidi O. 

Hi, everybody, and a great big roar to you all!! It’s me, Krissy, the orange dinosaur that rides the USA with my owners, Chris and Heidi, in that there big rig they got. I know it’s been awhile since I checked in, so figured I would let you all know what has been going on.

We have been riding around, OK, well, they call it working, but seems more like a dinoriffic vacation to me. We have been so many places and I have gotten to see so many things it is hard to tell you about just one. Like this one time a couple months ago we actually got to go to Vegas and explore. OK, they went exploring and left me to babysit the little bitty dogs (who I will tell you all I am still a little scared of). I watched them from the windshield and boy did they get into anything they can find, especially that new one they now have.

Thankfully, those little creatures haven’t figured out a way to drag me out of the window because, I am telling you, I have seen them pull the stuffing right out of some of my friends.

Well, Chris and Heidi promised me a special trip for babysitting, so I figured it better be good….and boy was it!!

We all got to see the big old rigs like we drive come inside (yep they let the semis drive on the racetrack) the speedway and park. Whew, now I know Chris (and all the other drivers) have some good driving skills!! Well, that’s not all we did…we got to go down on the track and watch Dierks Bentley perform right in front of us. I was so close I could see him sweat.

The next day we watched us a good truck race and then walked around the track. Well, heck, as if that wasn’t enough, on Friday morning we started our day off by them taking me (and their moms) up in a big ole helicoptery thing and seeing the whole world from up there. Ok, I know it wasn’t the whole world, but it sure seemed like it to me. Hehehehe. Well that wasn’t all the fun we had!!

That night they took me back up to the track and I even got to meet some pit crews and get my picture taken on the car driven by Kyle Busch. I thought, how much more fun could I have, when we got to watch another race. They were some really long days so we were tired after that one. But, my fun wasn’t finished!

On Saturday, Chris and Heidi took me to the track and I got to sit in one of them racey cars. I asked to drive but they said I was too little so they took pictures of me instead. We got Hunter some great pictures and even a personal autograph from a pretty lady! So, I guess babysitting the doggies paid off for me.

Since that trip we have been working really hard. We have carried oversize loads…those are the fun ones because Heidi likes to turn on those flashy lights, hehehehe. We have carried all kinds of equipment from one end of the US to the other.

I love watching, ok I call it supervising, Chris tarp a load. He is funny! At least he don’t yell at me when I tell him he missed a bungee or a flap. He shakes his head at me and laughs.

Well, now the leaves are changing colors and it’s starting to get cold out. I guess it’s time to get my wintery coat out with the fur on the hood so I can look good while I ride. I love the trees at this time of year and am so glad I get to take pictures to share with Hunter.

Hopefully me and all my pals that are traveling for him can give him many smiles and help him in his recovering!!!

Until next time my peeps, keep your petal to the metal, the rubber on the road and a smile upon your face (yep I learned me some cool stuff!!).

Follow this link to learn more about Hunter and his travelers. 

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