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Product Review: RoadPro12-Volt Portable Stove


If you’re tired of hunting down a microwave to heat the leftovers you brought on the road – or maybe you just eat them cold – take note of the RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove.

This stove basically doubles as a very compact microwave (without the waves), and is getting great reviews from truck drivers for being exactly what they needed.

The RoadPro 12-V Portable Stove warms up food to a piping hot 300 degrees and plugs right into the cigarette lighter. It’s a perfect way to heat up pre-cooked foods, like stews, beans, frozen food and more. Now you can eat hot food wherever you want!

Here’s a demonstration from one driver who likes to use it to heat over left overs, in this case, curry (which he proves does not stink up the cab):


5.0 out of 5 stars the best purchase for someone on the road

I work for the Fire Department Emergency Medical Services and always find it very difficult to have lunch since we are not given a lunch break. So, now I can just heat up my food while working and have a nice hot home made meal as soon as I have a chance instead of waiting for take out fast food. Trust me that now in this difficult times 911 is very busy and sometimes we dont even make it to a fast food restaurant. So its also a very smart way to save money for those of us working on the road. – Paula J.

I want o start by saying the image shown doesn’t really look like the Roadpro I got, the one pictured looks cheaply made and flimsy. The one I got looks much better built. Also there are no tins, not a big deal as I had some already (and I recommend getting some they will be handy)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for eating on the go

That said this thing is awesome! I pre-made a few breakfast burritos to heat up while we were out in the Mts on a day trip. I got out my little stove to give it a try, grabbed my burrito out of the ice chest and about 10mins later had a hot meal and I do mean hot! This thing definitely lives up to the 300 degrees.

Two things to note:
1. The bottom of the stove gets fairly warm. I only had it on for 15-20mins at a time so I can’t say how hot it would get but it was hot enough I took notice.
2. I felt the need to flip my burritos as it heated more on the bottom than the top. Stacking two to three didn’t work well either. There was plenty of room but the ones on top didn’t get hot, they might have got a little warmer but not much, – R. Moody

5.0 out of 5 stars Overheard….

Go to Walmart to buy the disposible aluminum meatloaf pans… $1.00 or so for 3.
Hint: While at Walmart, buy a Glass Meatload Pan with plastic travel cover… fits fine… wash and reuse forever. You’ll never have to buy expensive disposible again. Can freeze in them at home, put in ice chest, and reheat as they thaw for a meal. – W. David Griggs “NREMT-B”


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