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Publix Driver Saves Drowning Man In North Port, Florida


A heroic Sarasota Publix driver named Luigi Giannattasio saved a drowning man in North Port Florida (with the help of another good samaritan) this week!

A motorist, who has been identified as 43-year-old Burns lost control of his vehicle, and plunged into a retention pond near a Publix on the Tamiami Trail.

Giannattasio (a former lifeguard) was parking his truck when he heard the man screaming for help, realized the situation, and sprang into action!

The driver jumped into the pond, swam out to Burns, and pulled him from his sinking vehicle.

Another bystander was able to help Giannatassio with the rescue.

According to Giannattasio, it took only a few minutes for the vehicle to become completely submerged.

Burns is currently recovering in an area hospital, and is expected to be released soon. It is unknown whether the victim was driven off of the road due to a heart attack or sleep apnea.

– Great work driver!

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