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Top 10 Worst Driving States


In a job where you are driving for a living, you’re bound to see many accidents, tailgaters, angry and distracted drivers, but where do the worst drivers come from?

In determining what makes a state bad or good drivers they looked at fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, failure to obey (traffic signal and seat belts), drunk driving, tickets and careless driving.

According to Car Insurance Comparison, these states have the worst drivers:

10. North Dakota – While North Dakota actually produces less tickets than most states (6), it is their drunk driving rate (50) that drags them into the Top 10.

9. Montana – You are even less likely to get a ticket in Montana (2), but they have the worst drunk driving and fatality rates of all of the states.

8. North Carolina – The Tarheel state is pretty average, but bottom 10 finishes in ticketing rate and careless driving keep them among the worst driving states.

7. Missouri – In their previous poll Missouri was actually the 2nd worst state so they are heading in the right direction, but Missouri drivers failure to obey (48) is what kept them in the Top 10.

6. Florida – The Sunshine state really works to cut down the drunk driving, but being the worst in careless driving means you need to be on alert when on the streets of Florida.

5. Alabama – Out of all the Top 10 states Alabama is the most ticketed (49). So unless you are looking to spend a little extra money be very careful when passing through.

4. Texas – Bottom 5 finishes in both tickets and drunk driving helped Texas become 1 of the worst states.

3. Mississippi – The best category Mississippi totes is drunk driving (30) other than that the state is consistently bad.

2. South Carolina – When you rank in the bottom 3 for fatalities (49), drunk driving (49) and careless driving (50) it’s pretty easy to see why you are the 2nd worst driving state.

1. Louisiana – Louisiana drivers once again have the notorious honor of “Worst in the United States.” Finishing in the Top 5 for 3 different categories (Failure to Obey, Ticketing Rate and Careless Driving) means they’ve finished #1 for the 2nd time in a row.

Here is a quick glance at how the rest of the states ended up on the list:

11. Oklahoma

12. Nevada

13. Tennessee

14. Georgia

15. Pennsylvania

16. Arizona

17. Arkansas

18. Maryland

19. California

20. Ohio

21. Illinois

22. New York

23. Wisconsin

24. Kentucky

25. Hawaii

26. Colorado

2.7 Wyoming

28. Deleware

29. Indiana

30. New Mexico

31. South Dakota

32. New Jersey

33. Nebraska

34. West Virgina

35. Michigan

36. Virginia

37. Idaho

38. Kansas

39. Washington

40. Rhode Island

41. Alaska

42. Massachusetts

43. Iowa

44. D.C.

45. Connecticut

46. Maine

47. Oregon

48. Minnesota

49. New Hampshire

50. Utah

51. Vermont

Well there is the list. Let us know…did they get it right? In all of your driving through various states who do you think is the worst? What states do dread driving in?

Source: http://www.carinsurancecomparison.com/which-states-have-the-worst-drivers/


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