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Truck Driver’s Generosity Helps Veterans Chamber Survive


A truck driver passing through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania came to the assistance of a struggling Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Connections Center  when he heard the organization was on the brink of financial closure.

Todd Russell, a veteran from Massachusetts, walked into the center and handed over a check, despite not being from the area or having used its services. His charity will aid the center’s operations a little longer, helping them pay bills and say afloat for another month.

The Veterans Connection Center, which has been struggling to make ends meet since April, has been reaching out to the community, asking for assistance so they can keep providing important services to veterans upon their return to the county.

Helping them find a job, start a business and even providing post traumatic stress disorder seminars are some of the essential services the center provides to the men and women who have fought and sacrificed for their homeland.

According to administrators of the organization, if finances don’t get better, they may have to close permanently. The center opened in November of last year.





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