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Try Out New Weight Station Alert App, Get A Chance To Win $1200


Drivewyze announced that free nationwide weigh station and inspection alert services are now available, without a subscription, to all truck drivers with the launch of PreClear 3.0.

“By downloading this free app from the Google Play store onto their Android smartphones or tablets, drivers will receive advance notice of upcoming weigh stations and inspection sites, so they have time to prepare,” said Brian Mofford, vice president of Drivewyze. “Users will get an audio and visual alert two miles and one mile before the weigh station. They will know when they need to be in the correct lane and to slow down to pull in to the station or inspection site, if necessary.”

The free application may be downloaded now and used immediately. There are no obligations or time limits for app users. In addition,users do not have to create an account to access the free weigh station alert service!

But wait! There’s a catch. “While the Drivewyze PreClear heads-up service is free, the bypass service is subscription-based and starts at $15.75 per vehicle per month with free trial offers and volume discounts available,” a Drivewyze press release states.

Drivewyze App

Users can click a button on the app to begin an optional 30-day free trial Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service.

To say thank you for giving the app a try, Drivewyze has announced that one lucky app user will win $1,200! 

“It’s our way of saying thanks for giving the free app a try,” said Brian Mofford, vice president of Drivewyze. “The contest runs from now until the end of February, and users of the free app, plus existing Drivewyze customers, are automatically entered to win.  But, the more weigh stations you pass during the month of February, the better your odds of winning.  Every weigh station alert or bypass notification you encounter puts another entry into the contest.”

According to Mofford, those entries could add up.  “With more than 700 weigh stations around the United States, drivers will be passing quite a few weigh stations,” he said.  “We’ve had some of our bypass customers pass more than 100 weigh stations in a given month.  So, with our free app, not only will users appreciate getting the heads up two miles before the station appears though an audible and visual display, they’ll also smile knowing they just improved their odds of winning a $1,200 check.”

PreClear 3.0 is currently only available for Android users, however, the PreClear bypass service is available for iOS and Android devices.

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