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Two Transco Lines Drivers Named Highway Angels


Two Transco Lines Inc. (TLI)  truck drivers have been awarded the TCA Highway Angel award for going above and beyond to help others.

On May 15, 2014, TLI driver Robert Dryden was driving west on I-40 toward Little Rock, Arkansas when he witnessed an ABF day cab hauling a set of doubles hit the brakes, causing the truck to swerve, then right; the truck went careening down an embankment.

Dryden pulled his truck onto the shoulder of the road, used his CB to radio for help, then ran to help the ABF driver.

Upon arriving at the accident scene, Dryden discovered the ABF truck was crashed against a tree and partially submerged in water.  The ABF driver was trapped in the crumpled cab, and he was bleeding from his face.

The water was too deep for Dryden to cross, and he was unable to reach the injured and trapped driver, so Dryden did what he could to offer comfort to the driver.  He called out to the driver, offering words of encouragement, and kept him talking.

When first responders arrived, Dryden detailed the events of the crash and alerted them to the truck’s ruptured fuel tanks.

“TLI is proud to have professional drivers such as Mr. Dryden as members of our team and wish to convey our thanks for his act of compassion and bravery,” Transco Lines said in a statement. “Rodney Dryden is truly a Highway Angel!”

A TLI driver was also awarded the Highway Angel Award.

On June 25, 2014, Jannee Reece was driving west on I-20 near Leeds, Alabama, when a small car that was driving alongside her suddenly erupted into flames.

The car driver slammed on the brakes and pulled the vehicle off the side of the road.

Reece followed suit, pulling onto the side of the road.

Reece grabbed her fire extinguisher and ran to help extinguish the flames.

When Reece arrived at the car, the car’s occupants were standing safely outside of the blazing vehicle.  Reece asked the vehicle’s occupants to stand back, and she began showering the flames with the extinguisher.

The car’s owner wanted to open the hood.  Reece advised the man to keep the hood closed, knowing that adding oxygen to the fire would add fuel to the fire. Despite her warnings, the car’s owner opened the hood, causing flames to shoot out of the hood.

Reece suffered minor burns, but she continued to fight the flames with the extinguisher.  She was eventually successful in her efforts and was able to extinguish the fire.

When first responders arrived, they praised Reece for her bravery and her efforts.

Transco Lines’ Director of Safety Harry L Kimball said, “Jannee’s personal sacrifice to come to the aid of a pedestrian whose car was on fire exemplifies the commitment, bravery and professionalism that Jannee has for her fellow human beings and her profession.”




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