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U.S. Military Tests Transforming Helicopter Truck


The U.S. military is beginning to look into a transforming helicopter truck which can be sent on rescue missions without a driver inside.

This new drone variation has been developed to meet U.S. military requirements and could potentially serve as a new evacuation vehicle. It’s being classified as a: “Multi-Mission Medical and Casualty Evacuation Unmanned Air Vehicle / Unmanned Ground Vehicle.”

This transforming machine will be called the ‘Black Knight Transformer’ and will be able to fly and drive while being controlled by a remote.

‘Black Knight Transformer’ will be able to take off vertically and preform while driving off-road. The truck has eight rotors that spring out for take-off, and fold in while driving.

Perhaps one of the most amazing features of the transformer is it’s ability to have it’s controls switched off once it reaches it’s destination. It can then be driven by a human – substantially reducing the risk of certain missions.

This vehicle will be able to adapt to a huge variety of situations, and will be able to provide a new form of assistance when it comes to casualty evacuations.

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