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Virginia Tow Truck Driver Killed Keeping Family Safe


Things turned from bad to worse last Thursday, when a tow truck driver was killed in an alcohol-related accident on the job.

NBC12.com – Richmond, VA News

Twenty-two year-old, tow truck driver, Jason Bailey had been towing Avonnia Jewel Gregory’s vehicle along the side of I-295 South when he was killed by drunk driver, Dwayne Gray Miller Jr. (31). Miller had been driving drunk when he ran his SUV off the road, striking the wrecker, and then Bailey.

Minutes before the accident, Bailey had persistently been asking the Gregory family to leave while he secured Avonnia’s vehicle. According to her mother, Jewel Gregory, they too could have been killed if Bailey had not been so persistent in asking them to leave.

Bailey is survived by his son, who is less than one year old. His funeral took place on Sunday. The Gregory family is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, and will put the proceeds into a trust fund for the young boy.

“People don’t realize how devastating this is. This one year old kid doesn’t have a dad anymore. We don’t have our best employee,” said Paul Fletcher, owner of ImBrokeDown.com, and Bailey’s employer. Fletcher has also set up a fund to help Bailey’s family pay for funeral costs.

Miller is facing the following charges: DUI, refusal to submit to blood/breath sample, felony hit-and-run (he got out of his SUV and ran after the accident), obstruction of justice, and involuntary manslaughter.

You can donate to help with the cost of Jason’s funeral here!

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