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Want Less Back Pain? Try This Active Hip Flexor Stretch


As more and more Americans are finding out, sitting for long periods of time without exercise is terribly bad for our health.

Whether at a desk or sitting behind the wheel of a truck, sitting stresses out the hips and compresses the spine, leading to a lot of lower back pain and leg stiffness, especially in the hip flexors and hamstrings.

Try this active hip flexor stretch at rest stops or anytime you get a break from the cab. You’ll find it not only loosens up the body, but restores your vitality, helping to get energy back for another long stretch on the road.

The great thing about this stretch, led by Coach Mo from eHow, is that it’s super quick and can be done anywhere without the necessity of a mat, bands or any other cumbersome equipment.

Video Credit: eHowFitness

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